Cotton Cables (Microphone)

Cotton Cables (Microphone)

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Cotton Cables

Who cares about mic cables? We do. This is our original cotton-covered cable, braided on looms from the 1950s and assembled in Chicago. It's a professional-grade, noise-rejecting microphone cable that happens to be wrapped in 100% American cotton. Or it's a cotton tube that happens to have a microphone cable in it. It depends on how you look at it.

Cotton Cables have star-quad (four-conductor) cable inside so they reject up to 10x more EM and RF interference than twisted-pair cables. Gold-plated contacts slow the rate of oxidization by probably a billionth of a percent, but that means they last a billionth of a percent longer than unplated contacts. We spare no costs!

As far as we can tell, no one else is making them like these. Our partner Conway Electric had to dredge up a circular loom from the depths of textile hell and retrofit it with 3D-printed parts to braid our jackets. Please don’t make their work in vain.

The cotton jacket's usefulness surprises even us. We thought we had made a vanity product for likeminded nerds, but it turns out that cotton cables are easier to coil than rubber ones. Who knew?

There's almost nothing worse in the world than connectors that don't "click" into inputs and outputs nicely, so we made sure ours do. And we reinforce every solder point with heat-shrink tubing so they'll stay put for a long time.

With six colorways you can color-code your studio by cable length, channel type, or match the wallpaper. Three standard lengths are perfect for desktop use, live tracking rooms, or medium-length cable runs.

You care about your mics, your instruments, and your recordings. Why not give them a cable to match?


  • Signature design patented by Conway Electric
  • 100% American cotton
  • Noise-rejecting star-quad cable
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Backed by our Hippie Warranty
  • Easy to coil
  • Made in USA with family-owned partners
  • Tech Specs ↗


"Beautifully done. Generous and professional." — S.

"I love these cables so much I can't tell you how excited I am! They feel amazing, they look amazing, and they are just really super fucking classy." — J.

"I got the cables, and had a video shoot in my studio that same afternoon, so they've already spruced up a shoot, no less my sound." — R.

"I have a small 600 sq ft open space studio with no patch bay. These would be perfect for following the signal chain from the mics to my racks and converters." — K.

"I now wish all the cables I own had the look and feel of Fjord. I want to wrap myself in them." — Dan Cederholm