Fjord XLR

Fjord XLR

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A Studio Workhorse

Our workhorse cotton-covered microphone cable. Unlike other "retro" cables, there's no nylon, silicon, or rubber in our jacket. Only 100% American cotton, braided by Conway Electric in Los Angeles, California, and assembled in Chicago, Illinois.

Fjord XLR


Patented design. Fjord XLR’s signature “X” pattern is patented by Conway Electric, our partner, and woven in the United States with 100% American cotton.

Noise rejection. "Star-quad" twisting inside a dense copper shield rejects up to 10x more EM and RF interference than twisted-pair cables.

Heavy-duty connectors. Switchcraft AAA Series connectors feel sturdy in the hand and "click" into inputs and outputs pleasingly.

Easy to coil. Its cotton jacket adds heft and helps the cable to keep its shape as you coil it over-and-under.

Long-lasting. Gold-plated terminals sound like a gimmick, but they oxidize more slowly than other metals, so they last longer. Also backed up by our Hippie Warranty.

Six colorways, three lengths. Color-code your studio by cable length, channel type, or match the wallpaper. Three standard lengths are perfect for desktop use, live tracking rooms, or medium-length cable runs.

Made with equitable labor in the USA. Assembled in Chicago by our family-owned partner.

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    Fjord XLR

    Fjord XLR

    Fjord XLR

    The Story

    I was inspired to make Fjord XLR after seeing a cotton-covered extension cord made by Conway Electric. My family had used their products for years and I had always admired the way they made something thoughtful out of a tool that’s usually farted out of a plastic extruder and into our lives.

    It occurred to me that we might be able to do something similar for recording studios, so I asked Conway Electric's founder, Kevin Faul, via Instagram (!) if it would be possible to wrap microphone cables in the same patterned cotton fabric that they use on their extension cords. He replied, "How many feet do you need?" and I filed the forms to start Fjord Audio the next day.

    After more than a year of making prototypes (with help from Alchemy Audio), finding the right parts, and deliberating about details like the diameter of the cable and the texture of the fabric, Fjord XLR launched with a successful Kickstarter campaign in October 2017. Now they’re available to purchase directly via our web store, as well as through a small network of dealers in the United States and Japan.

    — Spencer Tweedy, founder

    Custom Shop

    We can make Fjord XLR with custom color schemes or lengths for your studio, band, or business. Contact us for more info.